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Shakedown: a radical change or restructuring, particularly in a hierarchical organization or group. It is disturbing. It is troubling. It seems unfair. Our plans for the future are in doubt ...
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Wonders of the Salish Sea

Wonders of the Salish Sea 2020 will be hosted by the Douglas Park Community Centre from April 6 to May 11 (no class Apr. 13). This program is a unique ...
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The Year 2020:
See Clearly, See Far into the Future, See with Heart

This is my charge to everyone: We have to be better. We have to love more and hate less, listen more and talk less. It is our responsibility to make ...
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Climate Crisis for the Ordinary Person by GTEC

The Climate Crisis for the Ordinary Person

Introduction  At GTEC’s recent Town Hall I was surprised to meet several people who told me they were confused about the climate crisis. What is the situation exactly? Where do ...
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Bandwidth, Urgency and Hot Networks

“Not long ago, the Northwest Passage, the storied northern route from the Atlantic to the Pacific required an icebreaker to navigate it. During the summer of 2016, seventeen hundred people ...
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GTEC Kits House Town Hall Crisis and Hope event to discuss the Climate Crisis

GTEC CRISIS AND HOPE TOWN HALL at Kitsilano Neighbourhood House Nov 18, 2019

Written by Bill Stovin Local activists believe it’s essential to stay strong, resilient and connected in the face of the global environmental crisis. They delivered that message at GTEC’s first-ever ...
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More Incentives for BC Drivers to Go Electric

Written by Bill Stovin Are you thinking of buying an electric vehicle (EV)? Well, the province of British Columbia has just added a new incentive for higher-level charging stations at ...
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Arden Henley of GTEC and Sara Fralin of Emotive BC at Kitsilano House

GTEC Goes Public

For the inaugural event in GTEC’s Neighbourhood Environmental Education program, people crowded into a room at Kitsilano Neighbourhood House on Wednesday night, October 2 to hear Sara Fralin from the ...
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Climate Strike in Vancouver, BC Sunday, Sept 29, 2019

Climate Strike in Vancouver, BC

By Bill Stovin Former CBC Reporter It was about one o’clock on a bright, sunny afternoon. I wasn’t sure what to expect as my wife, Carola, and I set out ...
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Amazon, View of the tropical rainforest,

Autumn of Protest

Autumn is in the air and the zeitgeist is unsettled. Greta has arrived in New York to talk to the United Nations. The Amazon rainforest is on fire. The Hong ...
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