Collingwood Crisis and Hope Town Hall

Thursday, February 6 — 7-9 pm


The first GTEC/Collingwood House NEEP event is the Crisis and Hope Town Hall on Thursday, February 6, 2020. Residents of Collingwood are invited to express their feelings, thoughts, and emotions around the Climate Crisis, and work with other community members to form concrete action statements. These actions statements are the result of the Delphi Process, conducted at the Town Hall.

The GTEC/Collingwood House Crisis & Hope Town Hall will be 7-9 pm, Thurs, Feb 6 at:

Collingwood Neighbourhood House
5288 Joyce St
Vancouver V5R 6C9

This is a FREE event. All GTEC NEEP events are FREE.

Please let us know if you will attend, by filling out the short form below: