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Fifty Ways to Bring More Urgency to BC’s Climate Action Plans

FIFTY WAYS To Bring More Urgency to BC’s Climate Action Plans

It gives me great pleasure as the GTEC Board Chair to publish this brilliant, provocative and timely report by Guy Dauncey. I came to know Guy when we worked together with GTEC’s Council for a Green New Economy and co-authored GTEC’s influential Rebuilding BC report.

50 ways challenges government to take BC’s CleanBC climate action plans further so that they match the increasing urgency of the climate crisis. We used to think of the climate crisis as something in the future. This summer with the fires on the west coast, the flooding in the south of the continent and rapidly melting ice in the Arctic the future became the present. What I love about Guy’s work and recommend to you is its practicality. What you will find in 50 Ways to Bring More Urgency to BC’s Climate Action Plans are specific, well-researched and doable proposals to elevate our response to the climate crisis. It’s a roadmap to a better world.

Arden Henley – GTEC Board Chair

Rebuilding BC: A Portfolio of Possibilities

Rebuilding BC: A Portfolio of Possibilities is a major initiative of the Green Technology Education Centre and our Council for the Green New Economy. It provides a set of proposals to guide economic recovery in BC. Now is the time to create a just, sustainable and resilient society.

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Environmental Assessment Software:

A collaborative project of GTEC and Lunge Inc. Environmental Assessment Software (EAS) provides individuals and communities with a means of assessing and improving their ecological footprint.

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VISION: The Green Technology Education Centre is at the forefront of solutions to the social and environmental challenges of our time.

MISSION: GTEC informs, supports and activates communities in responding to the climate crisis.


ONE Design, develop and present public education materials about green technology.

TWO Promote the adoption of green technologies through community education.

THREECollaborate with organizations that have similar objectives such as community agencies, universities and government departments.

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The GTEC Board of Directors

Arden Henley

Chairman, Board of Directors

Arden Henley is former a Vice President of City University of Seattle and Principal of Canadian Programs. Arden has a BA from McMaster, an MA from Duquesne in Pittsburgh and a Doctorate in Education Leadership from SFU.

Well known for his innovative leadership style and thought-provoking presentations, Arden has practiced Organizational Development and Family Therapy for over 35 years and consulted broadly with community and government agencies. His recently published book entitled "Social Architecture: Notes & Essays" summarizes his experience as both a Therapist and Organization Development Consultant.

Terry Stone

VP, Board of Directors

An enthusiastic professional with 20 years experience in Business Management and Marketing, Terry is passionate about leaving the planet in better shape than when he got here. As an avid hiker, he loves the saying “leave only footprints and take only pictures”.

He has enjoyed working in life safety, green-building, alternative energy, and sustainability. Still searching for the way he can make the largest impact, he offers GTEC — critical thinking, problem-solving and strategic planning.

Stephanie Yu

Board of Directors

Stephanie Yu is an author, podcaster, and social media wellness blogger who is passionate about authenticity and self-love.

But her love for Mother Earth and this universe which has been her greatest teacher is what drew her towards GTEC, and she is so excited to be a part of this revolutionary project.

Norman Sam

Secretary, Board of Directors

Formally educated at BCIT and UBC in Management and Finance, Norman’s careers and businesses continue to span the spectrum from fitness and corporate wellness, to real estate development and technology start-up. Complementing these activities, Norman has also volunteered extensively with various non-profit and community service organizations. The common narrative among this diverse range of activities is a passion and desire to make his community and the world a better place. Norman currently lives in Vancouver with his wife Kristal.

Mary Charleson

Board of Directors

Mary Charleson is a Marketing Speaker, Educator, and Strategist. She is the author of Blog and weekly newsletter, featuring marketing tips for the time starved entrepreneur. Mary has two books: "Word of Mouth Mouse & Mobile" (2013) and "Five-Minute Marketing" (2010). She is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and the Global Speakers Federation. Mary delivers keynotes and presentations for private companies, associations, and conferences.

Gerry Zipursky

Board of Directors

Gerry’s extensive career in Community Development and Community Leadership includes many years in the Neighborhood House movement in Vancouver working at Gordon Neighborhood House, Mount Pleasant Neighborhood House, as well as being the founding Executive Director of South Vancouver Neighborhood House. He was the Executive Director of the Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver for 22 years. Gerry has also been a consultant to a wide range of community organizations and Boards.

Tom Heatherington MSW

Board of Directors

Tom recently retired from a forty-year career as a counsellor and Director in community and social services.

He was a sessional instructor at the University of the Fraser Valley and The Justice Institute of BC.

Tom is an e-bike enthusiast and has a keen interest in urban agriculture. He conducted self-directed study on Cuban urban horticulture and helped to establish community gardens in the Tri-cities.

Mary Kean

Board of Directors

Mary Kean recently retired from practicing couple and family counseling in Vancouver. Mary was also on the faculty of City U Canada since the beginning of the Masters of Counseling Program which she assisted in founding. She has taught in public schools, universities and colleges and other venues.

A Committee Chairman and member of the AMSSA Board of Directors, Mary also served on the Boards of Peak House and the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association (VEVA) as Vice President.

Todd McGowan

Treasurer, Board of Directors

Todd McGowan is an education leader, outdoor adventurer and sustainability specialist. He lived and worked in Ethiopia helping design and implement English language teacher trainings in the Southern Region of the country. He was the Education Director and part of the design team for a 430-acre sustainable community development in Sechelt, BC that combined lifelong learning (including an international high school), senior living, agriculture, affordable housing, an eco-adventure park, an artisan community and a waterfront village along with vast greenspace and trail networks. The development aspired to be the most sustainable community in North America and support the 7 dimensions of wellness: Social, Emotional, Environmental, Spiritual, Physical, Occupational and Intellectual.

Neal Mutadi

Board of Directors

Dr. Neal Mutadi is the president of NCEA, an organization dedicated to quality education. He served as director of Canadian programs with City University and as a sessional instructor at UBC. He also served as principal, director of education & deputy superintendent of schools in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

Neal has a doctorate from Brigham Young University (Utah), and has published articles in leading educational magazines in the United States & Canada. He worked his whole life with community groups including the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary International & the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

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