VOLUME 1 – ISSUE 2, Nov 2019


Article by Shannon Lough,
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The GTEC Reader –
A Voice For Change

“The GTEC Reader addresses the inter-linked issues of culture, economics and the environment in a way that is more accessible than academic journals, but nevertheless well thought out and evocative.”

Rewriting our economic narrative

A 25 year history of Ecotrust Canada Every single day we create stories for ourselves, for others, and for our community. The economy is part of the narrative a story…


Climate: A New Story

Eisenstein, Charles   (2018) Climate: A New Story  Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books. “Everywhere people are talking about the desperate need for a new story. I suggest that the stories worth attending to…


Excerpts from “the river carries that which the mountains cannot hold”

Commentary by Arden Henley
Arden: For the road ahead we need inspiration. Inspiration is Chris’ vocation and he does not fail us in the river carries that which the mountains…

Paint Line and Word

Original Artwork, sketches and poetry

Paint Box Poem

1 First, a thin wash. Decent paper and brush, masking tape. Radio 3 or 4. Paints from the charity shop. The entire dining table. Lay the light down first then…